PW600 Power Wipes AC-Primer - For added efficiency

A practical, fast solution to treat and protect metal surfaces before applying an insulating or filler undercoat

PW600 Power Wipes AC-Primer

With the introduction of latest-generation surface preparation products, such as MACROFAN AP AUTOLEVEL Primer and GREEN-TECH Filler, which have significantly reduced processing times, a new need has emerged, and that is, to speed up the process of protecting surfaces against corrosion!

The challenge was to succeed in this aim, but without compromising the resistance to corrosion and adhesion of the topcoats.

Now, to make your surface preparation even more efficient, you can count on POWER WIPES AC-PRIMER, a jar containing 25 wet wipes that, rubbed on any exposed metal parts, protect them and activate the surface before applying the most suitable undercoat.

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All this takes just a few minutes, and does not require the use of guns and chambers, thus generating considerable advantages in terms of processing time and reduced emissions into the atmosphere.

PW600 Power Wipes AC-Primer is part of the line of products selected for high-efficiency painting processes in the LECHLER SYSTEM.

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