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BSB Basecoat
Friday, July 17, 2015

BSB Basecoat

HS matt basecoat for two-coat metallic, mica/pearl and solid colours, to recoat with colourless clear Macrofan).

61001 White for Colours

61061 Indigo Blue

61100 Opal White

61003 Star Yellow *

61062 Cold Blue

61122 Mica Reflex Gold

61007 Golden Yellow

61063 Light Blue

61128 Mica Bright Gold *

61008 Sun Yellow *

61066 Turquoise Blue

61131 Mica Orange *

61010 Light Cold Yellow

61069 Sapphire Blue

61137 Mica Copper *

61013 Oxide Yellow *

61070 Phtalo Green G

61142 Mica Red

61014 Transparent Solid Yellow

61072 Emerald Green

61146 Mica Mineral Red *

61015 Warm Yellow

61080 Graphit Black **

61150 Mica Reflex Red

61021 Orange Yellow

61081 Intense Black

61152 Mica Reflex Violet

61025 Light Orange Red

61082 Mix Base

61162 Mica Reflex Blue

61033 Oxide Red

61086 Cold Black 2°

61172 Mica Reflex Green

61036 Copper Red

61088 TRX Base

61174 Mica Reflex Turquoise *

61040 Red

61089 Flop Additive

61175 Mica Scarab *

61043 Ruby Red

61090 Extra Fine Silver

61177 Mica Musk Green *

61045 Brilliant Red

61091 Fine Silver

61183 Mica Micro White

61049 Solid Carmine

61092 Medium Lens Silver

61185 Mica Fine White

61050 Bourdeaux

61093 Medium Silver

61187 Mica Medium White

61052 Solid Amaranth

61094 Hi-Light Silver

61192 Xirallic Sunbeam Gold

61054 Light Red

61096 Coarse lens Silver

61195 Xirallic Radiant Red *

61055 Magenta Red

61097 Extra Coarse Silver

61198 Xirallic Crystall Silver *

61058 Solid Violet 2°

61098 Magnum Silver

61419 Metallic Gold

61060 Prussian Blue

61099 Micro Lens Silver

61516 Str Artic Fire


62000 Intense White

* Tinte base a più basso consumo


** Ad esaurimento



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