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Lechsys Effect System
Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lechsys Effect System

Categories: Lechsys Effect

Versatile tintometric system composed of TINTERS with high pigment concentration and a series of RESINS (BINDERS) allowing you to obtain MATT BASECOATS, TOPCOATS and PRIMERS needed to meet any request of the industrial sectors in metallic, pearl, solid, fluo and xyrallic colours in one coat and two-coat systems.
The system is modular and composed of N° 35 Standard Tinters (+ 1 Additive) + N° 14 Optional Tinters (+1 Additive) + N° 8 Solid Tinters + N° 4 High Resistance Metallic (HR) Tinters + N° 4 Fluo Tinters.

29602 Strong White 29822 Mica Reflex Gold
29607 Golden Yellow 29831 Mica Orange
29614 Transparent Solid Yellow 29842 Mica Red
29621 Orange Yellow 29852 Mica Reflex Violet
29636 Copper Red 29862 Mica Reflex Blue
29640 Red 29872 Mica Reflex Green
29643 Ruby Red 29885 Mica Fine White
29652 Solid Amaranth 29887 Mica Medium White
29654 Light Red 29889 Extra Fine Silver
29655 Magenta Red 29892 Medium Lens Silver
29658 Solid Violet 29894 Medium Silver
29661 Indigo Blue 29895 Super Light Silver
29668 Light Blue 29896 Coarse Lens Silver
29672 Emerald Green 29898 Sparkle Silver
29678 Green Yellow 29899 Micro Lens Silver
29681 Deep Black 29997 Matting Agent
29800 Opal White 29999 Mix Agent
29820 Mica Gold  



29610 Brilliant Cold Yellow
29613 Pale Oxide Yellow
29615 Brilliant Warm Yellow
29625 Ray Orange
29633 Oxide Red
29645 Vivid Red
29649 Solid Carmine

29608 Ray Yellow
29617 Golden Yellow
29624 Vivid Orange
29662 Frost Blue
29663 Cold Blue
29669 Sapphire Blue
29682 Extra Deep Black
29684 Blue Black
29805 Sparkle Light Silver
29806 Micro Light Silver
29819 Metallic Gold
29874 Xirallic Radiant Red
29878 Xirallic Crystal Silver
29883 Mica Micro White
29888 White Pearl Extra Bright
29891 Fine Silver
29897 Coarse Silver
29F01 Fluo Fuxia
29F02 Fluo Orange
29F03 Fluo Strong Red


29F05 Fluo Solar Yellow


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