EASY TRUCK: just 8 painting processes to obtain any type of industrial and commercial vehicle finish

EASY TRUCK: just 8 painting processes to obtain any type of industrial and commercial vehicle finish

Lechler has selected 8 painting processes for Industrial and Commercial Vehicles which are able to satisfy  all demands coming from this particular vehicle repair field.   

Specialists of Industrial and Commercial Vehicles well know the difficulties due to the differing situations to be faced and the correct painting processes to be used to solve them. The main coatings producers offer specific solutions for each situation, but industrial body shops are continuously submitted to new product training and new painting processes. This learning on the job makes it impossible for body repairers to specialise in each single painting process, which should be the ideal scenario in which to obtain very good results in short time. Thanks to Lechler’s deep knowledge in the International industrial field, both first plant and repair, we have studied some successful cases, allowing us to obtain a selection of the most suitable ones to be utilized within the complex world of industry and commercial vehicles.  After this survey Lechler succeeded in summarising from hundreds of possible solutions only 8 categories, proposing 8 painting processes suitable for different situations.

“Easy Truck, 8 processes suitable for everything” is the Lechler Tech’s ambitious program aimed at improving productivity, efficiency, yield and cost  of painting processes for industrial vehicles.

Selection has been made considering different elements: technology, results, process efficiency, easy management and utilisation of correct equipment. As we have already explained, the proposed painting processes have been selected after an analysis of a great number of successful European case studies, allowing us to solve specific technical demands and obtaining effective and efficient painting processes. The Easy Truck painting process guarantees a quality final result, complying with each single need, with cost and time reduction during painting phases, the utilisation of high yield products, a “no-stop” working process without sanding, the utilisation of coloured fillers and colour support with easy consulting and high precision.

To whom is “Easy Truck” addressed to?

It is addressed to Industrial body shops for building and repair
Companies with commercial vehicle fleets who aim at efficiently improving their painting and repair processes
On what do you use the proposed painting processes?
Motor vehicles, , chassis,  cargo beds, vans,  tankers, cement mixers, trailers, buses, metro trains, trams, cranes and tractors. It is recommended for original paint, repainting or for anti-graffiti treatment!

Which colorimetric system?

New Master Chroma is the Lechler colour tool offering  2800 color references in order of colour family and divided into 29 easily consulted colour fans. In addition, all the following international standard colours are available: RAL, NCS and BRITISH STANDARD.
Products and processes
The processes proposed by Lechler through Easy Truck include solvent and water based solutions with standard versions Primer-Filler /top coat up to 1K products with direct adhesion.
These solutions can be used both in standard industrial plants (with VOC reduction systems - 1999/13/CE European legislation) and with Refinish body shops complying with 2004/42/CE legislation.
All  Primers/Fillers  belonging to solvent base product painting processes proposed in Easy Truck painting cycles are available in a coloured version. The utilisation of this version allows the optimisation of the painting process, encouraging proper top coat coverage  and allowing a strong reduction of final enamel consumption with great benefits in the profitability of the entire process.  

And this is not enough!

All the painting processes in the Lechler proposal can be completed with a special water based top coat Antigraffiti Hydro Clearcoat.  This is a 2K water based acrylic top coat (V.O.C. 2004/42/CE < 380 gr/l) representing the ideal protection for vehicles particularly submitted to mural painters and graffiti writers creations applied with spray, felt tip pens and lipstick. The treatment with Antigraffiti Hydro Clearcoat stops the graffiti penetrating the surface of the coating and improves removal with a correct cleaner (complying with UNI 11246 regulation).

Thanks to its chemical polyurethane nature with high polymerization, the new Lechler clearcoat ANTIGRAFFITI HYDRO CLEARCOAT stops graffiti penetrating the surface allowing an easier removal of writings, tags and pictures applied with sprays, indelible felt tip pens and lipsticks with the utilization of 00552 LECHLEROID THINNER. The Lechler anti-graffiti products are recommended for application on metallic 2K substrates with matt, solid color or metallized basecoats. They are recommended for the protection and repair both of metallic and plastic substrates commonly used for private and public transport:  trams, trains, metro and buses, but also platform roofs, recreational areas, benches, shutters, public toilet doors, train stations and so on.

ANTIGRAFFITI HYDRO CLEARCOAT in the glossy version needs a 2:1 catalysis with Lechsys Hydro YD860 Motive WB Hardener, while alternatively the semi-glossy version requires a 20% catalysis with 14016 Hydroplast Hardener.

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