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Lechler partner of the network "102 Carrossiers Expert"
Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lechler partner of the network "102 Carrossiers Expert"

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Kicsk off in Bordeaux for the first network of French body shops that have been conceived from the will of body repairers for body repairers

On Friday 24th June in Bordeaux, Mr. Eli El Khoder, General Manager of the Coopérative des Carrossiers de Guyenne et Gascogne (CCGG), made official to the press, to associates and to the Lechler staff and Managing Director Vasken Manoukian, that the 102 Carrossier Expert Network has been launched. Lechler is a partner of that network. At the same time the ”Académie de Formation Maurice Fabre” has been launched together with their show room where Lechler is attending with a representative and training stand.
The 102 network has been conceived from the will of the Cooperative (Coopérative des Carrossiers de Guyenne et Gascogne - CCGG, including 320 bodyshop repairers associates, to create a new brand in France, named “102 Carrossier Expert”, represented by a network of body shops throughout the territory. The new organisation is conceived after deep market analysis, by the CCGG associates, from which a strong imbalance among the repairers emerged (body repairers, insurances, car producers, etc). By consequence the only way to safeguard the body repairers and their customers interests was to create an entity with its own identity managed by the body repairers in direct relation with insurance companies.
The objective of the network 102 is to give a precise answer to the problems of the body repairers through structured initiative, where the key words are the common means, the cost control and the relationship based on the model “satisfied-satisfied” with all the players of the repair chain. The body repairer 102 is engaged in respecting the quality standards given by the brand and resumed in 102 points (here is the name if the network) as for example to dispose of a minimum surface of 350m², with appropriate instruments and working processes. Through these standards, the network has the ambition of guaranteeing to their refinish customers of the 102 network, the same services, the same performances, the same guarantee and the same price. On the other hand, body repairers will have a great number of advantages such as the name and prestigious brand 102, cost transparency, a platform for the management of accidents and a common identity/visibility etc.

Lechler, thanks to the quality of their system for Refinish with high quality and highly efficient painting processes, colour retrieval and tools, technical and logistic services, has been very much appreciated and has been selected by the 102 technical committee as one of the two homologated brands as supplier partner for the associate body repairers. The first demo, most of which have been organised in body shops on the Atlantic coast, have obtained great success. They have been very appreciated for their easy utilisation of products, colorimetric precision and their yield of the painting processes in terms of product saving during the painting process. Lechler will become supplier of the first Customer 102 at the beginning of July. With the 102 network, Lechler has found a real partner to share professional value, aims and targets.

The staff of network promoters headed by Mr. El Khoder, is very ambitious and ready to achieve the target of spreading the 102 network philosophy throughout the French territory. The launch of the 102 network has been also an occasion to start up the ”Académie de Formation Maurice Fabre” where the 102 body repairers will find a training technical school which is always at their disposal to update with new technologies, new equipment and new repair processes. In the new technical centre a representative show room has been created where suppliers show their products and their equipment. Lechler Marketing has created a modern and bright stand, with real impact, aimed at outlining the value of their products systems offered to the 102 body shops through visual and working models. Lechler emerges as an innovative partner through a complete system of performing products and services.


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